A 9 year old boy came to Secunderabad Dental hospital after a fall on the ground while running in a movie theatre. Despite the panic, the patient’s mother found and saved the broken piece of tooth which she brought along to the clinic immediately within half an hour of the incident.

After thorough examination and taking multiple X-rays to determine the extent of damage, it was evident that the tooth was still in a growing stage ( young Permanent tooth) and needed a more conservative approach to promote further development.

Considering the shorter time period between the injury and treatment, our Pediatric Dental team performed the treatment (Apexogenesis). The fractured tooth fragment was sterilized and re-attached to camouflage the defect and give a natural appearance.

Both patient and the parent were satisfied with the results as a minimally invasive treatment was delivered while keeping the entire visit tear and fear free.

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A 35 year old female patient came to Secunderabad Dental hospital with a complain of gaps between her front teeth along with forwardly placed teeth.

Two treatment plans were presented to her to solve this problem.
Option 1 : Orthodontic treatment using Braces with a treatment duration of 2 years at the least.
Option 2 : Cosmetic smile makeover using crowns and bridges with a treatment duration of 2-3 weeks.
The patient chose the latter due to time constraints and opted for Zirconium crowns and bridges for a more natural look and feel.

With the combined expertise of our Endodontic and Prosthodontic teams, we were able to achieve a very good result and met her expectations of having a beautiful smile thus boosting her self confidence.