About Endodontics

ENDODONTICS is a branch of dentistry that focuses on diseases of the pulp of the teeth, including how to treat them and how to prevent them. Endodontics often involves removing the nerve and other pulp tissue and replacing it with a filling material.

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Types of Endodontic Treatments

  1. Root Canal Treatment
  2. Dental Fillings
  3. Post & Core
  4. Aesthetic Fillings
  5. Bleaching & Whitening

Why Visit Secunderabad Dental Hospital:
We offer comprehensive, multispeciality dental services in a safe and hygienic environment. With top dentist, state-of-the-art equipment and latest treatment procedures, it is one of the best dental hospitals in Hyderabad for all dental solutions under one roof.

When to visit:

If an individual is experiencing tooth pain that doesn’t go away or only subsides on consuming pain medication, sensitivity to hot or cold, any swelling around the tooth or gums or if there has been an injury to the tooth either due to a fall or due to biting something hard, it is recommended to see an endodontist at the earliest as they can save your tooth by performing root canal treatments.

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