A Healthy Tooth vs A Decayed Tooth

To take good care of your teeth, which are one of the most essential parts of your body, you need to focus on excellent dental hygiene. Dentists from leading dental clinics in Hyderabad often urge patients to keep their teeth safe and shining with the proper care. So if you’re wondering how a healthy tooth stands against a decayed one, here are some signs to look out for. While they aren’t just about the tooth, it’s all about what’s happening in your mouth that matters!

Check Your Breath

Although this isn’t a visual sign, a healthy mouth doesn’t smell. Lack of good oral hygiene and decaying food particles in your mouth can cause bad breath. Regular dental visits to the top dental hospital in Hyderabad can help you determine if something is wrong. If you want to see whether you have bad breath, scratch your tongue with your fingernail in the daytime and smell it. A neutral smell is a sign of healthy teeth.


The Colour of your Tongue

A healthy tongue is also a sign of  good oral health. If your tongue is pink and moist, you’re taking good care of your oral hygiene. If your tongue is white, has a smelly build-up or is discoloured, it can signify underlying teeth or oral problems.


The Strength and Colour of your Teeth

Loose and shaky teeth can be a sign of some trouble. Usually, healthy teeth stay strong and don’t move. A dental cavity or teeth decay can range in colour from white to brown, and it will eventually turn black as the cavity continues to grow if it’s not attended to on time. A dying tooth can appear yellow, light brown, grey or black. It can look like the tooth is bruised, and the discolouration continues as the teeth decay, and the nerve dies. The best solution is to visit your dentist in Hyderabad at the earliest if you notice any such symptoms.

All About your Gum Health

Pink and firm gums are considered healthy and happy. If your gums are firmly attached to your teeth without any swelling or discoloration, your gums are healthy. However, if your gums feel jelly-like and loose when you touch them or bleed while brushing, it’s time to search for a dental clinic near me. Remember, regular cleaning and flossing helps keep your gums healthy.

The Cavity Attack

Above all, the biggest differentiator between a healthy and decayed tooth is cavities. Visit any top dental hospital in Hyderabad, and the dentist will conduct a thorough cavity check. The outer layer of your teeth is always under bacterial and acid attacks. That’s why it’s highly prone to maximum damage. If you don’t take good care of your oral hygiene, cavities will start building up, leading to long-term decay.

If your teeth are well-aligned, there are fewer chances of food and bacteria getting stuck in the spaces. If you feel the need to get your teeth properly aligned to avoid decay, consider cosmetic dentistry or braces at any dental clinics in Hyderabad.

Tooth decay is the damage to a tooth’s surface or enamel, and it can damage your oral health in more ways than one. A toothache, sensitivity, discoloration are signs of decay and must be treated immediately by finding the best dental clinic in Hyderabad.

At Secunderabad Dental Hospital, one of the top dental hospitals in Hyderabad, we treat all types of tooth decay with fluoride treatments, fillings, root canals or extraction(severe cases). We also advise our patients on the best ways to avoid and prevent tooth decay with smart food choices and exceptional oral hygiene and care.  

If you’re struggling with tooth decay or need some tips to maintain your healthy teeth, please book your appointment at our dental clinic in Hyderabad.

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