17 Nov 2022

Aesthetic Fillings – Pros and Cons

A filling is used to treat a cavity or a small hole in your tooth. When you visit a dental clinic in Hyderabad, the dentist will remove the decayed tooth tissue and fill the space with a filling material to repair the cavity. In case of a hole or a gap, an aesthetic filling is also used as a restoration method. It doesn’t damage the dental tissue or gums but helps restore the tooth’s function by ensuring their strength, resistance, and compatibility match the surrounding mucosa. Various dental fillings are available in the top 10 dental hospitals in Hyderabad. They are routinely used in treatments to reverse cavities and decay. Cavities can wreak havoc on your oral well-being and cause various side effects. Along with pain and discomfort, it can result in tooth abscess, tooth loss, gum diseases and trouble chewing.

If you’re considering an aesthetic filling for your cavity or gap, we bring you the pros and cons from the best dental hospital in Hyderabad to help you make an informed decision


A Brighter Look

Since the filling is made of powdered glass and acrylic resin, it can be shaded to match your surrounding teeth. The tooth-coloured finish is one of the most significant advantages of aesthetic fillings like composite resin. As a result, it’s nearly invisible, and you won’t notice the difference, making it aesthetically pleasing! When the filling blends in beautifully with your smile, you will enjoy higher confidence, too.

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A Safer Solution

Compared to amalgam fillings, which lead to the concern of having mercury in the body, aesthetic fillings are made with safe materials. As a result, these fillings pose no risk to your health and well-being.

A Simpler Treatment

These are direct fillings; dentists can fit them in your tooth in just one visit. When you visit a top dental hospital in Hyderabad, you can expect to complete the filling in around one hour, saving time and effort! Also, you’ll be under local anaesthesia so you won’t feel discomfort or pain.

A Stronger Bond

Once the aesthetic filling bonds over your teeth, it restores 85-95% of your tooth’s strength, and they remain firm over time. In fact, they are strong to chew within seconds instead of days like in the case of other materials. If your filling gets damaged, you can also quickly get it repaired at any dental clinic in Hyderabad.

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While aesthetic fillings are super advantageous for most patients, the only real disadvantage is their durability. They last for about five years, a little less than the traditional mercury or metal fillings that last for 10-15 years. In some cases, they may need to replacement more frequently, but if you take excellent care of your oral health, aesthetic fillings can also last a long time. You may find aesthetic fillings a bit more expensive than traditional fillings, but considering the long-term benefits, it is an investment in your oral health!

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Secunderabad Dental Hospital is one of the top 10 dental hospitals in Hyderabad, offering aesthetic fillings for our patients. Depending on your case and history, we can recommend the perfect filling that will resolve your cavity or gap issues and help you smile more confidently and brightly. Book your appointment with our dentists today!

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