25 Sep 2022

All about Zirconium Crowns

Dental crowns are popular among patients needing to cover a tooth or a dental implant. Dentists at the best dental hospitals in Secunderabad recommend crowns to support weak, broken or poorly shaped teeth. Dentists also use crowns to cover a tooth that may be severely discoloured or worn down with time or decay. In some instances, crowns are used with bridges to strengthen multiple teeth.

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Fun Fact -Did you know that dental crowns have been used in human dentistry for over 2600 years? In fact, in the early 20th century, people opted for crowns made of alloys of gold or other metals. The metal caps did last for a long time, but they were highly conspicuous.

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In current times, crowns are made of many different materials, including ceramic and metal. Zirconia crowns are another option, made using zirconium dioxide, a highly durable ceramic material.

What is a Zirconium Crown?

Zirconia is a solid material that’s well-compatible with the human body. It’s also used in various other medical applications like artificial joints and is renowned for its strength and durability. Zirconia is a long-lasting and indestructible variety of crystals without any fears of allergic reactions in the body. It’s preferred over porcelain and metal crowns and is considered safe by dentists at top dental clinics in Secunderabad.

What are the Advantages of a Zirconium Crown?

There’s a reason why the best dental implant clinics in Hyderabad will recommend a Zirconia crown after your treatment to protect your teeth. Here are the top advantages of choosing this new-age material:

Impeccable Strength

Since Zirconia is a strong and durable material, dentists at a dental hospital in Secunderabad often recommend it based on the damage to your teeth. Also, the crown doesn’t require much tooth preparation, so it’s easier and faster. Depending on your budget and affordability, dentists can guide you with the best crown for your requirement.

Incredible Longevity

Zirconia-based crowns last as long as metal-based crowns or even longer. Depending on oral hygiene, it can last for 5 to 15 years. However, personal habits like grinding teeth in your sleep, biting your nails, chewing ice or opening packages with your teeth can reduce the life of your crowns.

Immense Biocompatibility

Visit any top dental hospital in Hyderabad, and dentists will often recommend Zirconia for its biocompatibility. This means that the material is less likely to provoke your body to produce any reaction or cause any response like inflammation. As a result, it’s a safer choice, even for patients with some underlying conditions.

Inspiring Aesthetics

If you’re worried about your smile, talk to a dentist at a dental clinic in Secunderabad. They will tell you that Zirconium crowns are aesthetically appealing for all age groups. The crowns are usually made of an attractive translucent colour that perfectly blends with your other teeth. As a result, your smile looks brighter and happier, while your teeth stay healthier.

Zirconium crowns are a recommended solution by top dental hospitals in Hyderabad for one or a few teeth. You can discuss the costs, pros and cons with your dentist and complete the procedure within a few sittings. At Secunderabad Dental Hospital, we offer zirconium crowns at affordable rates. Contact us to book your consultation today.

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