Anatomy of a Tooth

Our teeth are integral to our health and well-being. They play a vital role in our body, and if there’s something wrong with your teeth, it could affect you in more ways than one. All the top dental clinics in Hyderabad will testify to the importance of understanding your teeth’s structure and taking better care of them!

We bring you the basic anatomy and parts of a tooth – to help you better understand this hardest substance in the human body.

Parts of your Tooth:

The tooth is divided into 2 parts 

  1. Crown
  2. Root 
  3. Crown – It’s the visible part of your tooth 

The crown further has 3 layers:

1.1 – Enamel 

It’s the outermost layer covering the crown. As it doesn’t have any living cells, the enamel can’t repair the damage from decay or wear and tear. You’ll have to visit dental clinics in Hyderabad to fix it.

1.2 – Dentin 

It’s the second layer of the tooth, beneath the enamel. It has channels which connect to the nerve. When the dentin loses the enamel or protective covering these channels allow cold, hot or acidic foods to stimulate the nerves of the tooth, leading to sensitivity. That’s why it’s best to visit a top dental hospital in Hyderabad as soon as you experience sensitivity to avoid future problems.

1.3 – Pulp

It is the soft tissue present at the centre of the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels.

  1. Root 

The lower 2/3rd part of the tooth inside the jaw which keeps the tooth anchored in its place is called the root. It has canals through which nerves and blood vessels communicate with the bone and surrounding tissues.


Surrounding Structures

The tooth is surrounded by soft tissues called the gingiva a.k.a the gums. They cover and protect the roots of the tooth.

The thick ridge of the jawbone has sockets for holding the teeth.

Dentists at all dental clinics in Hyderabad advise patients to pay attention to their teeth and visit immediately in case anything pains or appears different. Good oral hygiene is integral to preventing tooth decay and keeping your teeth healthy and sparkling.

Stages of Tooth Decay

When your teeth aren’t cleaned properly, it can lead to plaque build up. Over time, it starts to harden up, forming tartar. The presence of tartar tends to protect bacteria, making it tougher to remove at even the best dental hospital in Hyderabad.

Commonly, there are 5 stages of tooth decay:

  1. Initial Demineralization
  2. Enamel Decay
  3. Dentin Decay
  4. Pulp Damage
  5. Abscess (infection with pus discharge)

Preventing tooth decay is possible through excellent oral care and hygiene. Visit your dentist regularly at the top dental hospital in Hyderabad, brush your teeth twice with fluoride toothpaste, limit sweet intake, and avoid snacking and floss regularly!


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