Best Dental Implant clinic in Hyderabad

Implants are placed in the jaw to restore a patient’s appearance or ability to chew. It offers support for artificial teeth like crowns, bridges or dentures. When you lose a tooth, you can experience various issues like defective speech, rapid bone loss or changes in chewing patterns resulting in discomfort. Replacing the lost tooth with an implant can significantly improve your quality of life and oral health. The best dental hospital in Hyderabad can examine your teeth and recommend if a dental implant is a right way forward for you.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant consists of body and abutment. It also includes an abutment fixation screw. The implant is inserted in the jawbone in place of the tooth’s root, and the abutment is attached to the body using a fixation screw. It extends through the gums into the mouth for better support to the attached artificial teeth. Here, the implant acts as an anchor for the crown, while the abutment connects the crown to the implant. Finally, a dental clinic in Hyderabad will design a custom-made crown to complete the process. It matches the patient’s teeth and the look, feel, and function is very similar to natural teeth.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Visit any of the top 10 dental hospitals in Hyderabad, and dentists will offer you different options to replace your missing teeth. Prosthodontics is specialized dentistry that focuses on restoring and replacing teeth while bringing your smile back with advanced dental treatments. In addition, a dental clinic in Hyderabad will recommend the following benefits of choosing dental implants:

1. Implants Behave like Natural Teeth

One of the implants’ most significant advantages is restoring full chewing power. Most patients can’t differentiate between natural teeth and implants and can eat, brush and floss normally.

2. Implants Can Last a Lifetime

If you’re worried about visiting a dental clinic in Hyderabad every few months or years, you don’t have to stress with an implant. It can last a lifetime, compared to a bridge that lasts around ten years. The implant is made with titanium and inserted into the jawbone. It is also bio-compatible and non-toxic; hence the body doesn’t reject the foreign object, provided a person is medically fit with no concurrent health issues. As a result, it’s a powerful replacement tooth.

3. Implants Restore Cosmetic Appearance

Facial sagging can be a negative side effect of tooth and bone loss. It can result in excessive wrinkles around the mouth, a pointed chin, and even thinning lips, making a patient look older than their actual age. Dental implants from the best dental hospital in Hyderabad can prevent facial sagging, improve your appearance, and prevent premature ageing. Above all, it boosts your smile and your confidence, too.

4. Implants Protect Adjacent Teeth

The gap in your mouth can cause the adjacent teeth to shift towards the opening, affecting your ability to bite or chew; and your appearance. Plus, it can also lead to further decay in the mouth. Dental implants can protect and stabilize the adjacent teeth, cause decreased sensitivity and also keep you free of gum disease. In addition, they lower the risk of cavities developing in nearby teeth.

If you’d like to know more about dental implants and consider if they are right for you, visit the best dental hospital in Hyderabad for a consultation. Secunderabad Dental Hospital is one of the top 10 dental hospitals in Hyderabad, with a specialized prosthodontics service for implants, bridges and crowns. Talk to our dentists and evaluate if you’re the right candidate for an implant.

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