Complete Removable Dentures

If your natural teeth have retired, don’t let it stop you from indulging in your favourite foods. Instead, let complete dentures take over and feel more confident and healthier, inside and outside.

When you visit a dental hospital in Secunderabad, dentists will tell you all about the latest denture innovations and how they transform the lives of many patients across the globe.

What are Complete Dentures?

A complete or a full denture fits in your entire mouth, rather than just a part of it. It’s removable and is used to replace missing teeth. The best dental hospitals in Secunderabad opt for dentures in different materials, as per your budget and personal requirements.

The dentures are made using high-quality materials and strong artificial teeth sets. It is known as a complete denture when a denture replaces an entire arch of teeth (could be upper or lower).

What are the Advantages of Complete Removable Dentures?

With the latest technical advancements, patients enjoy a highly satisfying denture experience. They can chew food again, and the support of dentures to the lips and cheeks improves the appearance of patients who have lost their teeth.

Since the dentures are highly realistic, it looks like you have all your teeth. Dentures can make you feel confident as you speak naturally, just like your original teeth, helping you lead a normal lifestyle.

When you consult a dentist at any dental hospital in Secunderabad about removable dentures, they will help you understand how to remove the dentures independently without needing a dental professional.

When Should I Remove the Dentures? 

Ideally, you should wear your dentures all through the day and for a few nights in case your dentist advices you to adjust to them. After your adjustments are made, you can remove them while going to bed. As a result, it allows your gum tissues to rest, and there’s regular stimulation and cleansing by the tongue and saliva. 

Precautions and Day-to-Day Care of your Dentures

It’s important to protect your dentures so that you don’t face serious issues with them. Since the denture is made of acrylic, it must be properly handled. Ensure you don’t drop it or leave it in sunlight for long periods of time. Taking good care of your dentures and maintaining oral hygiene will limit your visits to your dental hospital in Secunderabad.

Brush your dentures with a denture cleaning brush or a soft-bristle toothbrush to remove all the food and plaque. Avoid using hard bristles or wire brushes as they can leave scratches that will harbour food and plaque. You can also use denture cleaning powder or tablets to deep clean the dentures every fortnight.

When you remove your dentures, clean your gums and tongue daily. Always keep them in water (not hot water) in a container to avoid getting dirty or dried when your dentures are not in your mouth.

When it’s time to get your dentures, visit the best dental hospital in Secunderabad for a consult and understand all your options. Being well aware of life after dentures gives you a better sense of relief and confidence to start using them. Secunderabad Dental Hospital is one of the most reputed dental clinics for dentures and has helped thousands of seniors lead a normal life with dentures.

Book an appointment today if you’re ready to regain your smile and confidence.

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