The 4 Different Types of Dental Braces 

29 Jul 2022

The 4 Different Types of Dental Braces 

Misaligned or crooked teeth must be corrected to maintain their integrity and support. Also, it helps avoid the loss of teeth earlier than expected. In the case of misaligned permanent teeth, there’s a higher chance of tooth decay as food accumulates in unreachable places and compromises oral health. Orthodontists at the best dental hospital in Hyderabad will recommend braces to straighten your teeth and ensure a more aesthetic smile!

Dentist showing dental plastic model with braces. Human teeth jaw with braces. Dental upper and lower jaw bracket braces model in clinic

There are different types of braces to improve teeth alignment and straighten your teeth. Visit any of the top dental clinics in Hyderabad, and dentists will recommend the right braces as per your condition. However, patients are also given a choice based on budget and requirements.

The most popular types of braces include:

1. Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are favorably time-tested and have been around for over 100 years. Previously, braces were highly bulky and noticeable. With time, metal braces have evolved to be smaller, faster, more comfortable and effective. They include a combination of metal brackets and wires made using stainless steel or rubber bands to facilitate movement to straighten crooked teeth. To move your teeth, orthodontists will adjust the wire at your appointment every 4 to 8 weeks. Metal braces are often the most affordable choice at the top 10 dental hospitals in Hyderabad.

Portrait of smiling child with braces in dentist's office

2. Ceramic Braces

These are made of a transparent, tooth-coloured material and work just like metal braces. However, ceramic braces are less visible and more discreet. Ceramic braces are bigger than metal braces and may stain based on your diet and brushing habits. They have a metal arch wire or a ceramic arch inserted in the brackets. These braces are favoured by patients who want something like Invisalign at an affordable cost.

3. Self-ligating Braces

These are similar in appearance to the metal braces but use clips instead of elastic bands to hold the wire in place. Thus, there’s less friction on the braces, and it’s easier for patients to keep their teeth and braces clean. In addition, they are easier to adjust, requiring shorter appointment times. However, they are more expensive and visible outside, unlike ceramic braces. Self-ligating braces are considered one of the most advanced and preferred dental braces.

4. Clear Aligners like Invisalign

Clear aligners gained immense popularity in the 2000s when Invisalign became the most prominent brand of aligners. These braces are clear and transparent, allow easier brushing and flossing, can be removed, require fewer appointments and offer faster results in some treatments. Invisalign is one of the unique types of braces as it doesn’t involve wires or brackets. Instead, they use a series of customized clear plastic aligners worn over the teeth. As a result, they can be easily removed and replaced with the next one every 2 weeks. Usually, patients require 18 to 30 aligners to achieve the expected results.

Dentist assisting a patient to wear orthodontic silicone invisible braces
Girl with braces during a routine, dental examination

When you visit the best dental hospital in Secunderabad for your braces, orthodontists will help you understand all the braces and recommend the most suitable ones. Secunderabad Dental Hospital offers all types of dental braces treatments for patients at cost-effective prices. We’re one of the top 10 dental hospitals in Hyderabad, known for our exceptional service and transparent pricing solutions.

So, if you are considering dental braces, visit our orthodontists today.

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