What Happens During a Dental Check-up?

A twice-yearly appointment to the best dental hospital in Secunderabad to see your dentist can prevent oral health problems. Catching problems at an early stage makes them manageable and avoids future complications.

Yet, very few people stick to visiting the dentist every six months. It is often a stressful time, and unless there’s a significant toothache, many of us want to avoid the visit.

Sure, hearing strange noises and having a dentist work inside your mouth can cause a lot of anxiety. But if you’re aware of what to expect during your dental check-up, you’ll be prepared for your visit. The more you know about it, the less scary it will seem.

What’s Involved in a Check-Up?

If you’re apprehensive about going, reading about the check-up and understanding the processes involved will give you some peace of mind. When you go for the check-up, the receptionist will greet you, and once you complete the documentation and formalities, your dentist will see you.

Initially, they will ask for a medical history if this is your first visit. Make sure you mention all the medications you’re taking to your dentist at the clinic.

Once the dentist has heard your concerns and medical history, they will begin the check-up.

Keep Calm and Breathe On!

A regular visit to any top dental hospital in Secunderabad involves two steps:

  • An examination or check-up
  • The cleaning or oral prophylaxis

The Examination

Your dentist at the dental hospital in Secunderabad will use a small angled mirror to see behind and between teeth and gums to check for cavities or infections.

Your check-up also involves examining your tongue, throat, face, head and neck to look for possible signs of cancer or other diseases.

The top 10 dental hospitals in Hyderabad prefer a digital X-ray as it emits 90% less radiation and allows easy storage with more convenience than traditional machines

The Cleaning

You’ll be surprised the see the sparkle and shine after dentists at the best dental hospital in Hyderabad clean your teeth. They remove the tartar through scaling and then polish it to remove any surface stains.

As a result, you’ll go home knowing your oral health is in good condition.

Dentists will also notice any parts of your teeth or gums aren’t getting cleaned properly with your brushing or flossing during the cleaning process. They can recommend the proper techniques to avoid teeth contamination in the future.

What to Do Between Dental Check-Ups at Home:

 Brush at least twice a day with a toothpaste that contains fluoride

  • Floss every day
  • Use a mouthwash to control plaque bacteria and keep your breath fresh
  • If you notice any pain or discomfort in your teeth or gums, visit the dentist immediately

Secunderabad Dental Hospital is one of the top 10 dental hospitals in Hyderabad for regular check-ups and dental treatments. With top dentists, state-of-the-art equipment and modern treatment processes, it is one of the best dental clinics in Hyderabad for one and all. The dentists will also show you the best techniques to brush and floss your teeth daily to minimize damage and maximize your oral health.